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Frequently Asked Questions

Classmate Frequently Asked Questions
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CLASSMATE Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. My class reunion is not listed on this site – what can I do?

Don't Panic!  Go to www.reunions.com  for a national listing of reunions being done by professional planners. You can also visit www.classmates.com or www.reunion.com for further listings of reunions being done without the assistance of a professional planner.  Still can't find your reunion, try calling a classmates, your school or your hometown area paper.

Q. How is the ticket price set?

The ticket price has four components: facility fees, meal costs, reunion night expenses, and the cost to search for, and mail to, all your classmates.

Reunion Ticket Costs

The percentages in the chart above are based on averages and vary from reunion to reunion.

Q. Why is it so expensive?

. It’s not! Attending a reunion is way less expensive than attending a prom. No formal attire to purchase or rent. No need for a limo or corsage. Consider all that is included in your ticket price – a function room, decorations, music, program, photographer, photo nametags, dinner, and the opportunity to reunite with your classmates. The classmates were located and mailed to, and given the opportunity to get together again. All the work was done for you, and you get to attend and just have a good time!

Q. Who might I expect to see at the reunion?

Elementary school, junior high and high school classmates, many of who graduated with your class and others who did not. Lots of classmates attend solo, and others bring a friend, sibling, spouse or date. Not everyone will attend, though, so if there are particular people you want to see, encourage them to come. Sometimes a personal invitation is all they need to make the decision to attend.

Q. How can I find out who is going to attend?

The best way is to contact your classmate friends to see if they are going and whom else they know that is. You can always contact the committee – but beware the list changes daily and is never accurate until the party begins. Reunions Unlimited can also check for you, but again, until the night of the event, the list changes minute to minute.

Q. Why did our committee use a reunion-planning professional?

Time and money! They wanted to have the best reunion possible and still be able to enjoy it. The committee has been involved in the decision making process every step of the way, but they did not have to front the several thousands of dollars necessary to place deposits and search and mail to classmates. Nor did they have to do all the work. They could focus on the fun stuff, such as planning the program and assembling the memorabilia displays.

Q. Why do I need to send in the RSVP card?

Registration prices and space allocations at facilities are based on an estimated attendance. An accurate RSVP provides the statistics needed to plan accordingly. If not enough people respond, alternative plans have to be made, such as moving to a smaller room, a less expensive menu, less music, etc.

Q. When I receive my registration, why is there an "early bird" price?

An early bird price is offered as an incentive, to get classmates to register in a timely manner. Early registration receipts offset the monies advance by Reunions Unlimited to pay for deposits, searching, printing and mailings, etc.

Q. What are my payment options?

You can pay with check, money order, or credit card (VISA, MasterCard, Discover Card or American Express). You can pay through mail, by phone, by fax or on line using our secured website www.ReunionsUnlimited.com. (click here to register online today)

Q. Do you mail tickets?

NO! We work hard to keep the costs down so we don’t mail tickets (unless your reunion is at a facility that requires an entrance ticket or gate passes to the facility). We will send you a confirmation postcard if your payment is received 3 weeks prior to the reunion. Your cancelled check or credit card statement is your receipt, and your name will appear on a master guest at the door.

Q. Why is there a deadline for paying for tickets?

Almost all facilities have limited capacity and limited ability to add additional meals. Late, unexpected arrivals cause problems for the facility: not enough tables, chairs, food, bartenders, etc. Receiving your registration in a timely manner will assure adequate staffing and food preparation.

Q. I have to cancel my registration - how do I get a refund?

We will be happy to send you a refund, less the cancellation fee, if it is more than one week prior to your reunion.

Q. What should I wear to my reunion?

Your registration should tell you but if you are confused here are few suggestions:
  • Casual: shorts, golf shirts, etc. (What you would wear to a picnic).
  • Dressy Casual: cotton slacks & sport or golf shirts with no tie, skirts without nylons or pants suits. (comfortable but not too casual).
  • Dressy/Semi Formal: Jackets and ties for men, cocktail length dresses or fancy pants suits for women (what you would wear to formal church service or a wedding).
  • Formal: dark suits or tuxedos for men, evening gowns for women
    (don’t worry…it is very rare that a reunion is formal!)

COMMITTEE Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. I am the class president or a class officer and I have no committee, but need to get started on my reunion – What should I do?

Contact Reunions Unlimited! Then, get in touch with other class officers (RU can help find them for you), or with other classmates you are in contact with to form a committee. Next, gather together your annual (yearbook), commencement program, and contact the school to obtain a copy of the roster of the senior class (this often has the parent addresses from the time of graduation).

Q. Why hire a professional reunion manager?

Who has the extra time to plan, organize and search for your classmates that you have not seen in 10 years? Do you? Part nostalgia brokers and part detectives, Reunions Unlimited knows what it takes to organize a successful event. We eliminate the stress and hassle from event preparation, thereby allowing the committee to have a great time. We do the work, you have the fun. Reunions Unlimited also places facility deposits and pays for the printing, postage and all the upfront costs associated with the reunion. We also carry a 2 million-dollar liability insurance policy that helps protect the committee from liability if someone is injured at the reunion.

Q. Do you take small classes?

Often times it is too expensive to use the full services of a professional reunion manager if the class size is small. Sometimes small classes decide to combine with the next year’s class. Or, we can assist a small class with the searching process, which is the most difficult part of planning a reunion, on a fee-per-name basis.

Q. How much does it cost?

Committees place a $500 refundable deposit to secure our services.  Reunions Unlimited will place all facility and vendor deposits and expend hundreds of dollars on labor, printing and postage before the registration packets are mailed to classmates. A budget is built from the ground up based on the committee’s reunion vision, and common sense. Our fee is included in the registration fee that each attendee pays. The registration fee is agreed upon by Reunions Unlimited and the committee and is based on an actual RSVP rate, which is taken from the announcement (RSVP) postcard.

Q. What do you need to get started?

. We have a packet of information and a Reunion Guidebook to help. We need:
Within one week of becoming a client:

  • names (including maiden), addresses, and phone numbers of all committee members
  • Preferred dates and locations

Within two weeks:

  • Commencement Program or Diploma List
  • Roster (the address list, with names of parents, at graduation (if available from school)
  • Memory Book, Directory or Address List from previous reunions (if applicable)
  • List of deceased students (if known)
  • List of foreign exchange students (if applicable)

Within one month, we will need the following:

  • Details of any secondary events (picnics, mixers, brunches, golf tournaments, etc.)
  • Artwork for memory book cover and T shirt (if desired)
  • Text for opening paragraph for announcement postcard
  • Menu Choice (or as soon as available)

Q. How much lead-time do you need?

It is ideal to have 12 to 18 months to plan, search for classmates and get all three pieces of mail to them. If you didn’t get started that far ahead, plan on a minimum of 6 months. Remember that reunions do not have to take place in the summer-many successful reunions are held in the fall in conjunction with a football game at the high school or at Thanksgiving time when many classmates are traveling back to their hometowns.

Q. Are tickets more expensive if I use a reunion planner?

Not necessarily! You may save a few dollars if you do all the work yourself but do you have hundreds of hours and a few thousand dollars to spare? Reunions Unlimited also can save you money by accurately projecting attendance, booking appropriately sized venues, buying reunion materials in bulk, and passing on discounts (i.e. price cuts received by using the same DJ service for multiple reunions). Additionally, we pay all the deposits and upfront costs, and carry 2 million dollar liability insurance.

Q. Can the committee choose the location of the reunion?

Absolutely, as long it is affordable for all classmates and can accommodate your class. At Reunions Unlimited, we work with the committee to choose just the right location while keeping the price reasonable.

Q. Will you book our entertainment and photographer for us?

Yes – we have many music providers from DJ’s to bands. Price is always considered. We will accommodate you should you have a special request to use someone you know.

Q. What about decision making about the details?

The committee is always involved and kept up-to-date by Reunions Unlimited. We will provide the committee with menu choices, but you make the final choice.

Q. How are classmate notified and how often?

Your fellow classmates have many ways to learn more about the reunion. The high school is notified right away, and often will post information on the school website. Reunions Unlimited also posts your reunion on our site at www.ReunionsUnlimited.com which is linked to other reunion related sites. Press releases are sent to the area newspapers and public service announcements are sent to the radio stations.
Classmates also receive information directly via US mail. Three pieces of mail are sent to each located classmate, including the announcement "save the date" card, the registration packet, and the confirmation or reminder postcard. Unlocated classmates may receive "search" postcards that help move them off the Missing list and onto the guest list.

Q. What are the committee’s responsibilities and how do we kept in the loop?

The committee’s responsibilities are clearly detailed in our Letter of Agreement. We give each committee a Reunion Guide with pictures and task lists of things to do. We also will send out updated class lists on a predetermined time schedule. Requests for updates are honored with 24-hour (working day) notice.

Q. Can we do some of the work ourselves to cut back on the price?

The best way to cut back on the price is to assist Reunions Unlimited in locating classmates and encouraging them to attend. The more that attend, the lower the per-person price, as more people share the fixed costs such as the facility rental and DJ & photographer fees. Other tasks done by the committee typically do not create a savings, as Reunions Unlimited is able to obtain deep discounts on reunion supplies and services, such as nametags and copying and printing. Additionally, we are often able to negotiate for favorable rates at facilities and with DJs and photographers. Any discounts that Reunions Unlimited obtains are passed on to the classmates through lower ticket prices.

Q. How do you locate alumni and why can’t you find everyone?

At Reunions Unlimited we use a wide variety of people locating tools that are not accessible by the general public. Our methods change as technology changes. But sometimes people slip through the cracks (especially because of misspellings of names in the yearbook or school records). And some people simply do not want to be found, and will deny that they are members of the class when we contact them: they have gone to great efforts to keep their information private. With name changes and people on the move it is imperative that Reunions Unlimited and the committee be partners in the search.

Q. What other products and services does Reunions Unlimited you provide?

We produce memory books and class photos. Additionally, we sell reunion t-shirts and reunion cameras. These items are available on the www.ReunionsUnlimited.com website.

Q. What about Publicity?

Frequent press releases are sent to the area newspapers. Public service announcements are sent to the local radio stations. Letters are sent to the individual high schools. And reunion information on each class is listed on our website and various other reunion-related websites. All this is part of the service that Reunions Unlimited provides to your class.

Q. How do I compare your services with others in the area?

Please review the following "How to Select a Professional Reunion Manager"

Questions Your Committee Should Ask

1) Is the company locally owned and operated, thus supporting Washington state economy through employment, as well as support of area vendors and supplier?
Reunions Unlimited: Yes

2) Is the company’s business ethics monitored by the National Association of Reunion Managers?
Reunions Unlimited: Yes

3) Does the company belong to professional organizations?
Reunions Unlimited: Yes
Reunions Unlimited belongs to the National Association of Reunion Managers (N.A.R.M.), National Association of Catering Executives (N.A.C.E.), and the Chamber of Commerce.

4) Does the company provide letters of recommendations and, upon request, the contact information for previous reunion committees?
Reunions Unlimited: Yes

5) Does the company have a full-time office, and are phones answered by reunion staff?
Reunions Unlimited: Yes
(Reunions Unlimited has office hours Monday through Friday 8:30-5:30, Saturday 10-1 during reunion season, and evenings and Sundays by appointment. Phone calls are answered by reunion staff; voice messages are returned promptly. Committee member calls are transferred directly to their reunion manager, a company owner, or other appropriate staff member.)

6) Does the company have staff members available to assist Committees throughout the region?
Reunions Unlimited: Yes
(Reunions Unlimited has staff in N. Tacoma, Lakewood, Olympia, Seattle, and Vancouver, WA.)

7) Does the company provide courier service?
Reunions Unlimited: Yes

8) Does the company provide a quality website for reunion information?
Reunions Unlimited: Yes
(Reunions Unlimited has a prominent website: www.ReunionsUnlimited.com which is linked to the N.A.R.M. site: www.reunions.com, Classmates On Line, and other reunion related web sites.

9) Will the company discuss fees and budgeting with the Committee?
Reunions Unlimited: Yes

10) Does the company provide flexibility for a Committee to participate and make choices?
Reunions Unlimited: Yes

11) Does the company maintain a working relationship with the local newspapers?
Reunions Unlimited: Yes

12) Does the company provide professional employees to staff the main event, and other events as necessary?
Reunions Unlimited: Yes

13) Does the company carry liability insurance?
Reunions Unlimited: Yes
(Reunions Unlimited carries 2 million dollars in liability insurance)

14) Does the company provide the Committee with a final reunion recap, copies of the address list (hard copy and disk), a memory book, and does the company send the address list to the school alumni association / booster club?
Reunions Unlimited: Yes

Deciphering the Dress Code:

Reunion season is here -- and with it comes what-to-wear panic! To help you choose the right outfit for your big event, read on for a breakdown of party dress code speak as provided by Ladies Home Journal.

Dressy Casual/Elegant Casual
Informal and relaxed, but still chic. Almost anything goes, apart from denim and sweats. Try a pair of slim slacks with a sweater set in a bold color like fuchsia; a straight, knee-length skirt and cashmere shell; or man-tailored trousers and a silk blouse (think Banana Republic style). For hair and makeup, keep things simple and subdued, as you would at the office. Guys – a nice pair of khakis or trousers with a collared knit or woven shirt – long sleeves or short is fine. Jackets and ties are optional.

Cocktail Attire
Festive and fun; not as dressy as black or white tie. Stick to knee-length dresses with details like lace or cutouts, paired with kitten-heel shoes or strappy sandals. Another option: Tailored trousers and a dressy top, such as a beaded shell or patterned silk tube. Cocktail parties call for festive hair and makeup, too, such as a high ponytail or messy braided bun; and shimmer or glitter on eyes plus glossy lips. Guys – step it up with a bright silk shirt or fun tie matched up with a pair of black trousers.

Creative Black Tie
Formal, but with a trendy twist. Modest gowns give way to more fun (but still formal) options, such as a cashmere sweater with a satin ball-gown skirt, tuxedo pants and a silk halter, or a red-carpet-inspired dress by a hip designer. Hair and makeup can reflect the trends, too. Try sleek, straight hair worn down a la Gwyneth Paltrow, a shimmery body lotion, or a fun lipstick color like purple or orange.

Black Tie Invited/Black Tie Optional
Again, formal, but not the utmost in dressy. Black tie optional usually refers to men's clothing - choose a tuxedo or a simple dark suit; women can simply follow black tie dressing rules.

Black Tie
Less dressy than white tie, but still quite formal. Good clothing choices include long gowns in satin or velvet; shorter knee-length dresses with glamorous heels; and dressed-up separates, like a beaded skirt and shell set. Hair and makeup follow the same rules as white tie: elegant and polished.

White Tie
The dressiest, most formal type of event. Long, very formal evening gowns are expected; gloves are optional. This is the time to go all out with beading, fur stoles, and Manolo Blahnik pumps. Hair and makeup should be elegant and understated: think updos, French manicures, and expertly applied red lipstick (no false eyelashes or body glitter, please).

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